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Sweetpskitchen on learning how to keep honeybees

I am taking a 14 week beekeeping course at Stone Barns in Pleasantville, NY. It has been the highlight of my spring so far! The class is part lecture, part practical (in the apiary, hands on.) Our class is taught … Continue reading

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Organic “pick your own” at fishkill farms

Sweet P and I had a great time at fishkill farms in hope well junction, ny picking organic strawberries and picnicking on their beautiful grounds!

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Join Sweet P’s Grocery Store Challenge: Day 0

  In an effort to eat locally, I am taking on a summer challenge to avoid the grocery store. Here in the Hudson Valley, we have bountiful food resources so I think it is time I put my money where … Continue reading

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Cottage Pie

I made my first cottage pie in 2005 when I was 21 for my boyfriend (now husband,) Martyn. It is his favorite meal from back home in England. I used a bag of ‘shepard’s pie’ seasoning, ground beef, and potatoes. … Continue reading

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Love People. Cook them tasty food-a note on what makes food ‘healthy’

If you were wondering how I consider this a healthy food blog while simultaneously extolling the beauty of goose fat, bacon, and cream…you would not be the first. I wanted to clarify my idea of what healthy food is so … Continue reading

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Spinach Dumplings in bone broth

    Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain “Spinach Dumplings” Jamie uses the metric system so I will decode the recipe for all of you. He serves these spinach dumplings on top of Oxtail Stew which I’m sure would have been great … Continue reading

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