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Join Sweet P’s Grocery Store Challenge: Day 0

  In an effort to eat locally, I am taking on a summer challenge to avoid the grocery store. Here in the Hudson Valley, we have bountiful food resources so I think it is time I put my money where … Continue reading

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Back-Blogged! A culinary journey through the UK! Beef Wellington and a note on Grass fed vs Grain fed beef

  We spent our Christmas holiday in the UK this year visiting family and friends. While there, I decided to check out the differences in our food systems and explore whether or not big-agro companies had the same influence in … Continue reading

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Kids Can Cook Continued

Kids can really surprise you if you let them. Yesterday was Halloween, aka the biggest sugar binge we have all year. It was amazing to watch the way sugar effected sweet P. She was having sooooo much fun and I … Continue reading

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