Hudson Valley Restaurant Week: Restaurant North Review

Restaurant North on Main Street in Armonk is my kind of place. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and they really take pride in their work. I complimented the waitress on my drink and she said ‘go talk to kelly at the bar, she will tell you how she made it!’ This place really seems cohesive and it is a really well run operation. If you check their website:

They explain their philosophy on eating and sourcing local produce and proteins. They thank their farmers and fisherman for great growing seasons and even have pictures of their vendors. The menu changes with the seasons but can change daily as different things come in from their vendors. They pride themselves on sourcing food from no farther than 64 miles away!! Talk about #eatlocal!

The decor is simple and earthy with dark rustic wood and chalkboards everywhere. It is candlelit so everyone looks really pretty :). It was pretty easy to make a last minute reservation for 4 on a Friday night but I imagine for more people than that, you would have to plan in advance. They only take reservations 28 days out. There is seating upstairs or downstairs and a small bar area.

Martyn and I went out for adults only dinner with our good friends Janine and Mike. It is so nice to get out without kids once in a while! That said, I don’t think this restaurant is a great choice to bring kids. It is quiet and small…the crowd was decidedly grown-up.

To start I had the “Flight of The Concord” drink


This drink was freakin AMAAAAAZING! I was pretty glad to be too poor for more than 1 otherwise I probably would have had 10!! It is a combo of concord grape shrub (made in house by the bartender!) and gin (i think). It tasted like skittles and I made everyone at the table try a sip. They serve their cocktails with metal straws so don’t try to chew on them ;)! This cocktail was pricey @ $12 but if you only have one, it is worth it!

When you sit down, you are offered a choice of breads. That day they offered a gluten free poppy seed bread and a butternut squash focaccia. I had the focaccia and it was delicious! There was also olive oil on the table for dipping. Mike had the Gluten Free option and said it was pretty good.



For my starter I had mussels (again)!


wow, i told you it was candlelit right? The mussels were really fresh and delicious. They were served over a piece of toasted focaccia with an herby broth.

Martyn got pumpkin risotto which was creamy and delicious.



For our main courses, I promise…I turned the flash on!

I had Pork Confit over spaetzle and apple cider glaze.


I ate this whole thing. It was delicious and tasted exactly like the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner. The pork melted and the spaetzle had a stuffing-like consistency that was super pleasing.

Mike had the oven roasted chicken from a local farm over whole grain mustard sauce and a pumpkin pancake (I KNOOOOW!)



Martyn had seabass and loved it but my picture was too dark. I think mine was the best but we all thoroughly enjoyed our entrees!

For dessert, I had the pumpkin polenta cake with caramel and whipped cream. I liked this so much that I tried to recreate it, only to end up with gluten free cardboard (i forgot to add the sugar!)


How pretty is that?? I turned the flash on for that but blinded an innocent bystander!

Martyn had the ‘world’s best chocolate chip cookie’ topped with local vanilla ice cream.


It was pretty good…and it was cooked and served in a cast iron skillet which obviously adds 10 points!

The best part of any night out is spending time with your good friends. Everything is better over candlelit smiles and thoughtfully prepared meals. Restaurant north actually gives you a muffin to take home for the morning…talk about thoughtful! That was a lovely surprise for Sweet P in the morning and I had to bribe her to let me have a bite. The muffins had the following quote attached:


I could not agree more James.

Thanks Restaurant North and Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, I will definitely be back!!!

xo, SW and Sweet P



About Siobhan

My name is Siobhan and I live with my husband and our beautiful daughter in New York. I love real, whole, healthy food and I am passionate about biodynamic farming practices. I try to eat locally as often as possible and to support my local farmers.
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