Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed eating my way through Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Participating restaurants had 3 course prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner for only $20 and $30 respectively. Taking advantage of Restaurant Week can really give you a great taste of what Westchester has to offer. Having a 2 yo, we don’t get out all that often so I want to be sure I really love a place before we get a babysitter and spend $$$$ on a night out. Here are a few reviews of local restaurants for all my local friends!

Eastchester Fish Gourmet

EFG is located on Rt. 22 in Scarsdale/Eastchester right near the big Lord and Taylor Shopping Center. The decor is OK, a bit bland but very clean. The staff was very discombobulated and we had 3 different waiters over the course of our meal. Taking a look at the regular menu prices, the food was pretty pricey: apps from 12-17, entrees from 25-40.

I ordered the mussels as a starter. 


They were cooked in a white wine and herb broth. They were really tasty but I was disturbed to see half the mussels didn’t open :(.


For my main, I had trout over mushrooms in beurre blanc. Image

This was pretty tasty. I asked the waiter where the trout came from and he had no clue. He actually said ‘the sea’ but could not give me any more detail. I like to know where my food is coming from (not in an annoying way but more like ‘is it farmed/wild/etc’).

For dessert, I am not gonna lie…this might have been the best ice cream sundae I have ever head. It was local Hudson Valley Coconut Ice Cream with chocolate sauce and homemade whipped cream….and it was HUGE!



Sweet P had clam chowder and some of my trout. The chowder was bland and a little lumpy :/. I had high hopes for this place but I don’t think I will be returning.



Next Up: Restaurant North

xo, SW and Sweet P



About Siobhan

My name is Siobhan and I live with my husband and our beautiful daughter in New York. I love real, whole, healthy food and I am passionate about biodynamic farming practices. I try to eat locally as often as possible and to support my local farmers.
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