Butternut Squash and Cauliflower Soup

I remember the first time I had butternut squash. I was a sophomore in college and my friend Theresa took me out to The Big Tree Inn. That butternut squash soup still haunts me…it was so creamy and delicious! I have since learned that it probably was filled with brown sugar and cream, no wonder it was freakin AWESOME. This recipe is a little healthier but just as delicious. I added the cauliflower because I had some to use. It adds a little thickness to the soup and the flavor is really nice. If you want to go full monty, sub the milk for half and half or cream.


(I love this photo because Martyn told me it looked like a bee)


A couple tbsp Olive oil

Carrots- 2-3 chopped2 Onions roughly chopped

2 Celery Stalks chopped

1 medium butternut squash peeled and chopped

1/2 head of cauliflower roughly chopped
1 Carton of chicken stock (or vegetable stock if you are a veg)

1 cup milk (or cream if you’re feeling wild)

Spices: (understand I NEVER measure out my spices so this is a rough guess…keep tasting it and adjusting as you go)

1/4 cup brown sugar

Salt and Pepper

2 tbsp garam masala

2 tbsp curry powder

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg


A note about peeling butternut squash. The skin is very tough so I don’t use a vegetable peeler. Instead I chop the top and bottom off, cut it in half (where it gets round) and cut the tough peel off with a knife. See the picture above. Scoop the seeds out.

Preheat oven to 400. Oil a baking sheet

Toss chopped onions, carrots, and butternut squash with the spices and let your 2 yo do the mixing 😉 (leave out the brown sugar)


Roast for 20 minutes

Heat a large dutch oven and add oil

Cook celery until it is just soft

Add the roasted vegetables, the brown sugar and the cauliflower

add the chicken stock and simmer for about 20 minutes on low

Add the milk (or cream)

Simmer for a few more minutes

Blend with an immersion blender


If you like your soup a little thicker heat on the stove until it thickens a bit, or add more chicken stock to thin it.

Taste and adjust the seasonings to your liking. Don’t be shy with salt here…the butternut squash tends to need quite a bit.

Top with chopped apples and roasted pumpkin seedsphoto 2

Enjoy on a cool fall day, xo, SW and Sweet P


About Siobhan

My name is Siobhan and I live with my husband and our beautiful daughter in New York. I love real, whole, healthy food and I am passionate about biodynamic farming practices. I try to eat locally as often as possible and to support my local farmers.
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