The Mystery Vegetable is…



This spicy and fragrant root is known for it’s help with digestion and gastrointestinal distress. It has also been known to work as an anti-inflammatory! Ginger is a little spicy and is frequently found in Asian food as it is typically grown in East Asia. Ginger is great in stir fries, as a pickle, candied, in soups, and in sauces. I store my ginger root in the freezer wrapped in plastic wrap. When I need a little bit, I cut off the brown skin and grate it (while frozen) easily into whatever I am making.


Thanks for playing! SW and Sweet P


About Siobhan

My name is Siobhan and I live with my husband and our beautiful daughter in New York. I love real, whole, healthy food and I am passionate about biodynamic farming practices. I try to eat locally as often as possible and to support my local farmers.
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One Response to The Mystery Vegetable is…

  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog. We also have recipes over at

    This post on ginger is great. I buy fresh ginger and make a tea with it every night. I grate some ginger, add about 6 cloves (good for the lining of your intestine) and I either grate in lemon or orange zest.

    I have never frozen ginger before. But I do freeze lemon & orange peels for later use, like lemon zest for cheesecakes. Saves a trip to the store for just 1 tsp. of lemon zest.

    Check out this post of mine:

    Thanks again and I look forward to more from Sweet P’s Kitchen.


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