Lemon and Dill Compound Butter

Making a compound butter is a great way of preserving some of those summer flavors to be used later in fall. I picked up my CSA today and there was a ton of Dill. I decided to throw it into a compound butter to make it last a little longer!

Start with a nice organic unsalted butter softened to room temp- do not use the microwave!


I throw it into my Kitchenaid and whip it gently using the paddle attachment

Add a handful of fresh dill (or whatever else you like/have on hand)


Add a dash of fresh lemon zest

and a pinch of sea salt

Turn the kitchen aid to low, just to combine. This can all be achieved by hand with a bowl and a fork.


Turn out onto wax paper and VOILA! Compound Butter!



This butter stays good in the freezer (well wrapped- wax + plastic or glass) for a month. You can take it out to cut slices and put it back, or use the whole thing at once.

You can make toasted bread with dill butter spread, mashed potatoes with dill butter, etc. You can add it to your soups, or to a piece of fresh fish, or a steak…the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy, SW and Sweet P


Coming soon: whole roasted branzino with lemon and dill butter over thinly slice potatoes


About Siobhan

My name is Siobhan and I live with my husband and our beautiful daughter in New York. I love real, whole, healthy food and I am passionate about biodynamic farming practices. I try to eat locally as often as possible and to support my local farmers.
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5 Responses to Lemon and Dill Compound Butter

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  2. clfortunate says:

    YUM!!! I love fresh dill!

  3. Tammy says:

    You know, I used to do this a few years ago and sort of forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me – there are so many options!

    • Siobhan says:

      That is what I love about it Tammy! I find it hard to use all of those delicate herbs in time and this makes them last for a long time! Thanks for reading!

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