My First Recipe!

BLT Salad


I originally had a vision of my first recipe, beautiful, fancy, difficult, etc. I decided I should just post what I am making for my own dinner tonight. It is my goal afterall: to get people to cook seasonally and locally and not be intimidated by what is staring back at them when they open their refrigerator. So here it is, my first recipe, and dinner for tonight!

BLT Salad (thanks to Sweet P for eating all the bread)

Serves 2-3 for dinner 4-6 as a side

1lb of good bacon

2 slicing tomatoes

1 red onion

2 small heads of lettuce-I used arugula and butter lettuce since that’s what came in my share

Shaved Parmesan (totally optional)

Dressing: Bacon drippings

Organic Mayo-1/4 cup

~2tbsp Red Wine Vinegar


Broil the bacon or grill until crispy- about 5-7 mins per side in my oven (reserve drippings)

slice big chunks of tomato and skinny slices of red onion

assemble and serve with dressing on the side.

Dressing: Mix together Mayo, red wine vinegar and a few tbsp of the bacon fat. I thin out my dressing with a little warm water but if you like it creamy, leave as is. Dress on the plate or leave on the side.

Enjoy! I am having my BLT Salad with a glass of pinot noir…since that’s what we have.

Sweet P’s rating- 4/5 – She looooooves bacon and tomatoes. The lettuce gets left to her parents. She also loves red onions even those these farm onions seriously pack a punch. Image

don’t worry, i didn’t let her bite into it (fully)

Enjoy, xo, SW and Sweet P


About Siobhan

My name is Siobhan and I live with my husband and our beautiful daughter in New York. I love real, whole, healthy food and I am passionate about biodynamic farming practices. I try to eat locally as often as possible and to support my local farmers.
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